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Best Answer: Most of our primate relatives can't swim. Placing chimpansees on an island encircled by a moat is a very good way of keeping them all together. One non human primate which can swim is the rhesus monkey. They regurarly dive into the water after fruit in Florida animal parks. The proboscis monkey ...


They can float and paddle just like a duck and swim their way to safety. No need for the webbed feet, they are capable swimming creatures all the same. Many try to argue that there is no way that this is possible, but it has been proven time and again, that these animals can swim if necessary. More Info: animalquestions.org


Practice for the test Unit 3-animals Click 3 short skate swim jungle head tall farm foot fish tail long hippo wing mouth neck fat bear play leg nose thin bird it has eye ear parrots it can live in kittens wolves 1. Who is the animal? a) It has four legs and a long tail. It is big and gray. It is 1. a parrot 2. an elephant 3. a dog b) it has two ...


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I agree. I and our group in the Holy Land Pilgrimage, took a bath and wash our skin with its mud. It is very salty. I tried to swim and I float due to its high buoyancy; however I have a hard time bending my body to stand up ;and it took the life guard to help me stand up. It is only waist deep. It's true the water and the its mud is medicinal.


If the animal is ever lost and slips his/her collar/tags the microchip allows the finder to know who to contact if scanned for a microchip. Animals MUST still have a collar with tags on at all times. Per our contract, we take all our animals back if for any reason you can't keep your adopted animal.


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Anybody who was there at the time will remember that, in the early nineties, every video game company wanted their own hip, cool, cartoon animal mascot with ‘tude. Of course, if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that by far the most popular and successful of these mascots...