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Mickey D’s fries are made of more than just Russet Burbank and Shepody potatoes—they also pack in vegetable oil (canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, natural beef flavor), dextrose, sodium acid pyrophosphate, and salt. And the culprit that’s responsible for cultivating your addiction is the far-from-innocent ...


McDonald's French fries are notorious, in taste and in their reputation as an unhealthy yet addictive snack. Yet the recipe we all know well has not always been how it is. From its beginnings as a franchise in 1950s, the recipe went unchanged until one fateful day in July 1990. That day the company stopped frying their (well) fries in beef tallow, and started using vegetable


What's in McDonald's french fries? Batches of potatoes, taken from a farm, are cut into fry shape at a Lamb Weston processing plant. The potatoes are cut into fries at about 70 miles per hour ...


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The fact that there are more than 10 ingredients in McDonald’s fries should be reason enough to stay away from them. I mean, really, how many ingredients do you really need to make fries? Grant Imahara from the super-awesome science show Mythbusters made the startling discovery when he visited a McDonald’s fry factory and reverse-engineered […]


Let's face it, no meal at McDonald's is complete without an order of its delicious fries. And to think, the world-famous french fries were added to the menu only as an afterthought. They replaced plain old potato chips in 1949, nine years after the first-ever McDonald's opened its doors for business ...


Times are changing and people are starting to become more health conscious; however, it doesn't seem to stop people from purchasing Mickey D's fries. In fact, French fries continue to be McDonald's #1 selling item year after year — which means they probably won't be changing their recipe any time soon, so sorry gluten-intolerants.


Why Do McDonald’s Fries Have Nearly 20 Ingredients? December 30, 2016. By. ... Shutterstock. These fries are a lot more than just potatoes, oil, and salt. Ask just about anybody how to make French fries, and they’ll probably give you something approximating the correct answer: You deep-fry potatoes in oil, and add some salt. Three ...


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There's a secret ingredient in McDonald's fries that makes them so dang addictive—and no it's not the salt. Find out what really punches up their flavor.