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Perhaps one of the most shocking things about the fries at McDonald's is just how much goes into them. If you're cooking fries at home, you can probably expect a very small handful of things to go into them — potatoes, oil and salt. It should come as quite a shock, then, to find that McDonald's fries have 19 ingredients in total. Yes, you'll find the potatoes, oil and salt that wil...


The fries are flash-frozen and blanched before they get to you. Then they’re fried again before they’re boxed for customers. It’s why they have that perfect, crisp outer shell. 4. They look ...


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Renowned activist and author Michael Pollan has revealed a horrible truth about McDonald’s – that the fast food company only accepts Russet Burbank potatoes, a type of potato that is unusually long and difficult to grow. Since McDonald’s insists that their potatoes should have no blemishes, and because Russet Burbank potatoes suffer from Net Necrosis that causes unwanted spots and lines ...


French fries are partially fried in this video released by McDonald's showing how their french fries are made. McDonald's Next, the fries are dried and partially fried to ensure a crisp exterior.


This edition: McDonald’s Fries, which are made from five separate ingredients, some of which have whole other ingredients lists of their own, that we’ve broken down in the exact order they appear online. Ingredients in McDonald’s Fries. 1) Potatoes: These grow in the ground and come in many forms.


In a nutshell: in 1986, London Greenpeace released a pamphlet called "What's wrong with McDonald's — everything they don't want you to know." There were all kind of accusations in it, from the mistreatment of animals to encouraging litter. In 1990, McDonald's filed their libel suit against five people.


It also happened to make the fries incredibly delicious. The special beef tallow and oil blend for McDonald's fries became known as Formula 47, named after the combined cost of the restaurant's "All-American meal" at the time, which included a 15-cent burger, 12-cent fries, and a 20-cent shake.


McDonald’s once introduced a Caesar salad that was more fattening than a hamburger — with fries. The Daily Mail reported that “with dressing and croutons [the salad] contains 425 calories ...


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