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whats in your purse? Look through your purse and see how many of the items you have from the list below, then add up your points and sign your name!


Christman, you would totally win this game because you have a curling iron and over half this list in your purse at all times. like the Tupperware game Garren Baby shower game or Ice breaker-hilarious! "My Purse" fun for each table to participate in as a way to get to know one another and then the table can win Party game See more


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This purse scavenger hunt is the perfect party game for a women's event and so easy to play. After all, most women carry a purse and we all know those purses contain everything but the kitchen sink.


How to Know What to Carry in Your Purse. It`s hard to see if you have too much or not enough stuff, or it's too messy. This should help. Decide what kind of handbag you need and buy or make it. Try to find something that looks small but...


purse items) and the team with the most points wins the game. It is fun to have the winning team read out loud all the objects they found in their purse—you’ll be surprised at who carries around a pet rock! 1 Point Items Drivers License Keys Pen Lipstick/Lip Gloss Comb/Brush Credit Card 7 Point Items Hand Sanitizer


Bridal Shower planning is in full swing with many of you Spring and Summer brides so I thought we’d share a fun free printable game, perfect for your shower or bachelorette party! “What’s In Your Purse?” is always a fun one so I created a pretty design with some silly options on it.


17 Things to Keep in Your Purse. As if you weren’t already carrying around your entire life. February 16, 2016 in College Life by Sara - Albion College. I am extremely jealous of girls who don’t feel the need to carry large bags. My work bff, for example, carries a cute little crossbody bag with her keys, her wallet, and maybe some hand lotion.


It is possible to carry everything you need in a bag this small. Courtesy of Angela & Roi Magazine editors love to preach which mascara or lipstick women should pack in their purse, but, honestly ...


DIRECTIONS FOR THE WHAT’S IN YOUR PURSE BABY SHOWER GAME PREP: Print the baby shower game sheets and cut in half. AT THE SHOWER: Hand game sheets to each baby shower. Give them 2-4 minutes to go through their purses and mark off each item that they have located IN their purse.