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4 weeks ago - Not a Singapore Sling... or isn’t it? The current Raffles Singapore Sling has pineapple juice, grenadine, curaçao and a whole lot of other ingredients not in the original gin or “straights” sling made famous at the Long Bar. It’s sickly sweet and never appealed to me.


If your family has any historical problems with alcohol, don't even mess with it. I would choose a friend who has experience in this area, go out with them and see what it's like, then revert to your previous lifestyle. One Singapore Sling, then abstinance for a while. That's my recommendation.


Singapore Changi Airport is consistently voted the world's best airport in both industry and consumer polls. Among unexpected highlights there's an outdoor nature trail, swimming pool, movie theater, hawker-style food stalls, beauty and reflexology centers, children's play areas, sleeping areas and massage chairs all over the place.


Singapore Flag - World Flags 101 - Singaporean Flags. The crescent moon, symbolizes the young nation of Singapore on the rise and the five ... The Singapore flag was also meant to be red, as red is a very ... Mooncake Festival - Mooncake Festival Singapore 2011 - Mid ...


My 2nd problem is, although i study in singapore, i live in malaysia. as you may know, malaysians who come to singapore to study mostly do not go out with friends, since its very inconvenient to travel in and out of singapore. i feel very lonely, and i only have a few contacts in my MSN and my phone contact lists. im not sure if i am a sociable ...


It IS possible to use clear plastic hose.Looking at the two wooden endpieces on the hose we see that there is some sort of "stem." Find some flexible vinyl tubing that's that size or a little larger, pop the in, and use some screw down hose clamps. That should work.


1 August 1991, The Straits Times. 7 killed, 120 hurt as Amtrak train derails CAMDKN (South Carolina) Five cars of an Amtrak pas eager train derailed yesterday morning, and at least seven people were killed and more than 120 injured.


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The Singapore Sling, a pink drink including gin, cherry brandy and lime juice, was created in the Long Bar at Raffles hotel in 1915, neatly making this the 100th anniversary of the cocktail. 15. More uncles than you knew you had Regardless of their age, Singapore taxi drivers are typically called "Uncle."


Interesting article--how do we lessen this disparity? Everyone deserves to live where they can reap the benefits of #trees. | "A Closer Look at Street Trees and Wealth" Via UrbanTimes