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Want shiny, healthy hair? WebMD shows you how to get it -- starting in your kitchen. From salmon to eggs, guava to oysters, these foods have nutrients that are good for your hair.


Interestingly, your hair grows around 0.5 inches (1.25 cm) per month, and 6 inches (15 cm) per year. ... Like oysters, beans are a good source of zinc, which aids the hair growth and repair cycle.


"A good rule of thumb is, the less you do to your hair, the better." The good news is today's products, including dyes, are much better suited to our hair than 20 years ago, with technology and ...


Healthy hair is a sign of beauty and good overall health. Here are the top 5 best vitamins to grow your hair, along with 3 other nutrients.


It can certainly be beneficial for certain hair types when used correctly, but many sources recommend using it in ways that may do more harm than good. Before you go pour coconut oil all over your head, make sure know how to use it correctly to get the benefits without harming your hair! Why Use Coconut Oil for Hair?


Identifying your hair type is the first step in developing a hair care routine that will keep your hair looking and feeling its best. If you’ve explored the different hair types only to identify with none or more than one, you may have normal or combination hair.


We’ve put together a list of the best foods for healthy hair. Eat your way to fuller, stronger hair: 1. Eggs Provide Protein You hair is made up of protein, therefore it is important to ensure that you have enough protein in your diet. Protein is the building block of hair and eggs are one of the richest natural sources of protein.


20+ Natural Ways to Have Great Hair for Less. ... too much of a good thing can spell bad news for your hair. But a thorough cleansing with baking soda at least once a week will wash all of the ...


We rounded up 10 flatirons that won't burn the hell out of your hair. Just please don't forget a heat protectant. ... The 10 Best Flatirons for Healthy Hair ... (good for all hair types) or ...


How to Have Great Hair. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every day was a good hair day? Fortunately, no matter what your hair type is, your locks can look healthy and lustrous in any situation. In this article, you'll find some general steps...