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The doll was named after Handler's daughter, Barbara Millicent Roberts. Barbie is a shortened version of Barbara's full name. Later, the Ken doll was added to the Barbie Collection. In a similar fashion, Ken was named after Ruth and Elliot's son, Kenneth.


Barbara Millicent Roberts is Mattel’s Barbie’s complete name. The world-famous fashion doll, which first appeared in 1959, is named after its inventor’s daughter.


Revealed: Barbie has a middle AND a last name and it's blowing our minds. AS if that wasn't shocking enough, it's not just the pink-loving doll who was awarded a surname - Ken's got one too


@littlebams1. To be completely honest, I would work on a first name before you think about a middle name. Paxton is bad for a boy but even worse for a girl.


Barbie is nearly 60 years old, yet we only just learned a very basic piece of information about the iconic doll: her last name. Though she originated as an unrealistically proportioned blonde with ...


One true fan reminded others that Barbie was named after the daughter of the doll's founder, which means that she had a middle and last name all along: Barbie always has a last name. The man who ...


well Ken is only Barbies bf so they dont share a last name Barbie was named after the creators daughter (I dont remember the name it was on a trivia show a long time ago lol ) try the mattel website or search for mattel Barbie and history and see what comes up :) ~Melissa


The male doll counterpart to Mattel's Barbie doll has an official, albeit fictional, full name of Ken Carson. Ken has no middle name, and his eponym Ken Handler, is the son of Barbie and Ken creator Ruth Handler.


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