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British infantrymen were often called Redcoats or Lobster Backs during the war. At the time of the American Revolution, these names were derogatory references to the bright red coats for which British soldiers were well-known.


Some words related to the Revolutionary War that begin with the letter "z" are the names of the Zweibrucken Regiment and Elizabeth Zane. The American Revolution Glossary contains no common words ending in z.


While different than social revolutions, like the French and Russian Revolutions, the American Revolution put in motion a series of governmental, legislative and social changes that proved monumental. After England's defeat, America became the first modern republic, a revolutionary concept, and the


Revolutionary War artifacts consist mostly of pistols and swords used during the conflict and everyday items and furnishings. The Revolutionary Period took place from 1769 to 1787. Antiques from the time include a 1767 French infantry sword and scabbard, a rare Flintlock iron and wood derringer made


Martha Washington and Abigail Adams are two famous women of the American Revolutionary War. Washington was married to the first president of the United States, George Washington, and Adams was married to the second, John Adams.


The Americans had a number of significant advantages that helped them win the war against Britain in the Revolutionary War. The colonies were significantly distant from England, which made communication, transportation and resupply exceedingly difficult for the British military.


The Revolutionaries Authority were those deemed in charge of the American Revolution that occurred between 1765 and 1783. Rebel colonists, known as Patriots, from 13 colonies bucked against British rule, resulting in the founding of what is now the United States of America.


Thomas Jefferson was not a solider during the Revolutionary War; instead he fought diplomatic battles with his writings. He is one of the founding fathers of the United States because his essays inspired colonists to seek independence from Great Britain.


The way that revolutionaries define truth depends on the type of revolutionary, but most view truth as the doctrine that will change the society and culture to the way that it should be. The truth is subjective to revolutionaries and each group has a different focus, with the American revolutionarie


Benjamin Franklin’s most prominent contributions during the American Revolution were helping to draft the Declaration of Independence and successfully negotiating an alliance with France. In 1776, Franklin was on the five-member committee that helped craft the Declaration of Independence. Later that