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Baby bunnies require a nest area that can be made using clean towels and a box. A folded towel on bottom with one bunched on top, gives the bunny a place to snuggle. Partially cover the box with a soft towel, leaving space so the bunny can breathe.


Rabbits, or bunnies, have an impressive sense of vision and hearing, boast powerful hind legs and express joy. Despite their quiet natures, rabbits also make vocalizations, mostly in communication with each other.


Rabbits can be trained to use a litter box in the same way as cats. Adult rabbits are more receptive to training than younger ones. You need a litter box, timothy hay, newspaper and a large cage to train a rabbit effectively.


As of 2014, some bunny games for kids include "Easter Egg Hop" and "Curious George Bunny Ride." These games are geared for children. Each of them is available online to play for free.


Thumper, Oreo, Daisy and Bella are popular names for pet rabbits, according to Bunspace.com, an online community for rabbit lovers. Humorous names like Bunny Goodman and Bun Franklin are also popular.


Thumper, Fluffy, Bunny, Oreo and Roger are some popular names for pet bunnies. Bunny names that are comically popular are Energizer and Nesquik, since they are known as the rabbit mascots of two well-circulated brands.


Wild turtles can be fed plants, fruits, insects or fish. Depending on what food sources were available to them in their wild habitats, some turtles may not be adapted to eating all of these foods.


Rabbits are herbivores and grass and hay are major parts of their diets. Pellets, generally sold for domesticated rabbits, can be fed to wild rabbits, but they are a high-fiber concentrated food source that should not be given in excess.


Giant bunnies are rabbits that typically weigh 12 pounds or heavier as adults. The most common giant rabbit breeds include Flemish giants, checkered giants, British giants and giant chinchillas.


In most states, it is not legal to keep a wild rabbit as a pet. Even if a baby rabbit is orphaned, it is better off in the hands of a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, notes House Rabbit Connection.