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Hip hop, or hip-hop, is the term used to refer to a cultural movement created by African Americans, Caribbean Americans, and Latino Americans in the 1970s. It refers to hip hop music, including rap. Hip hop has four primary elements and five secondary elements.


Rap music definition: to strike (a fist , stick , etc) against (something) with a sharp quick blow ; knock | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


Chicago News Cooperative Rap and Hip-Hop, Now Accented With Jazz. Two music traditions blend when jazz artists play backup for rap and hip-hop stars.


Rap music originated in the middle of the 1970’s, though the music genre did not get nationwide attention until the early 1980’s. By the late eighties, rap music was a major part of the American mainstream musical landscape, thanks to lyrical content, the energy of live shows and the parallel rise of MTV and music videos.


Rap is music. When people say "rap isn't really music" thats like saying when trains were used and cars were introduced thats like saying cars aren't real transportation. All music is a form of expression , so is rap. Rap has rhythm, it expresses something. What really isn't music is stuff like dub step.


Today it is impossible to picture the charts without rap. Whether it is expressed through street rap or club music, hip hop, it has settled in all around the World. The spectrum of talent from the USA includes big names such as Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Lecrae, Eminem, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Future and Fetty Wap. Rap has also arrived in ...


Battle rap is a style of hip-hop music that blends braggadocio with the quest for lyrical superiority. Seasoned battle rappers focus on boastful lines and self-glorifying rhymes about one's proficiency or level of success, accompanied by verbal insults hurled at the other party (directly or subliminally).


Most hip hop music focuses on the past and experiences therein as a means to empower the rapper himself as those experiences and ups and downs are what make him unique. Along the same lines, being thankful for the experiences (both good and bad) that happened in the past are what provide you with the present – that is a big theme.


Another way to determine the length of a bar is to listen carefully to the patterns in the music. Most of the music you will be rapping over is what is called “Loop Based“, which basically means that the song is made up different patterns that loop or repeat over and over again.


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