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Some well-known old school rap artists include Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, Run-D.M.C. and The Sugarhill Gang. These old school artists brought hip-hop into the mainstream and influenced generations of future artists.


There are many fun math rap song for kids available to purchase or download online, such as the song "Do You Have Money?" on Songs for Teaching; applications can also be installed from Google Play or iTunes like the "Addition Rap" from The Math Bus application. Online math rap songs for kids can be


Rap and hip hop instrumentals are available on Rap Instrumental's SoundCloud page, Flocabulary.com and KillATune.com. Rap Instrumental provides free downloads for the beats it provides. Its instrumentals are also available in higher quality for lease or purchase; these versions are untagged.


Find a free rap beat creator by visiting the sites for Hammerhead Rhythm Station, Musink and LMMS. These sites all offer music creation software that is completely free to download and use.


A "bar" in a rap song is simply one line in the song, thus counting bars only requires the counting of the lines. Suggesting a rapper has bars as a positive compliment derives from the fact that a rhyme cannot be created from one line, but rather requires multiple lines.


Some apps that allow users to create rap songs include Audiotool, AutoRap and Rap to Beats. These apps vary greatly in price and level of complexity, but all of them allow users to create their own rap songs.


Several music hosting websites offer free underground rap instrumentals and beats, including UndergroundRapBeat.com, WorldHipHopBeats.com and DatPiff.com. The websites restrict the use of rap instrumentals and beats downloaded from these websites for non-profit purposes only.


You can incorporate the "Cell Cell Rap" into a lesson by having students use a KWL Chart, having them complete guided notes, or having them compete in a Jeopardy style game with the information from the song. Having students memorize the song is also a helpful way for them to remember important info


Flocabulary, WikiHow and LiveScience.com are good resources for learning how to rap freestyle rhymes. They provide tutorials as well as examples of how established rappers create freestyle rhymes.


"Finger on the Trigger" is a song rapped by Mr. Knightowl and Mr. Lil One. The song originally appeared on the album "Hollow Point," which was released in 2000, and then again as a bonus track on the album "The Knightowl" released in 2004.