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Eye color is a polygenic trait. Height and skin color are also polygenic traits. If there is a vast variation in a trait, it's likely that it is polygenic.


Polygenic traits are those traits that are controlled by more than one gene. Such traits may even be controlled by genes located on entirely different chromosomes. Human height, eye and hair color are examples of polygenic traits. Skin color is another polygenic trait for humans and a variety of oth


Examples of polygenic inheritance in humans include height, eye color and skin color. Physical traits that have polygenic inheritance are influenced by more than one gene and typically display a continuous distribution, such as a range of heights. Polygenic traits do not have the classic phenotypic


Polygenic inheritance is the inheritance of traits such as skin color, eye color, and hair color, that are determined by more than one gene. Polygenic inheritance describes the inheritance of traits that are determined by more than one gene. These genes, called polygenes, produce specific traits whe


A 29-item genetic risk score improved the screening pick-up rate for abdominal aortic aneurysms when used with age and sex FROM AHA VASCULAR DISCOVERY 2020 A polygenic risk score based on analysis of 29 discrete genetic variants linked with abdominal aortic aneurysms appeared better than the current


A genetic risk score predicted which acute lymphoblastic leukemia–affected adolescents were more at risk of a venous thromboembolism event. Check out our coverage of ESMO 2020 FROM THROMBOSIS RESEARCH Although patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) are at known risk of venous thromboemboli


Polygenic definition is - of, relating to, mediated by, or constituting polygenes : involving two or more nonallelic genes collectively in determining inherited characteristics : multifactorial. How to use polygenic in a sentence.


Polygenic scores for DMA% were not significantly associated with skin lesion status when using p-value thresholds of p < [10.sup.-4], p < [10.sup.-3], and p < 0.01 (unless including AS3MT SNPs when using a threshold of < [10.sup.-4]); however, polygenic scores for DMA% were associated with skin lesion status when p-value thresholds of < 0.1 ...


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Overview. Polygenic locus is any individual locus which is included in the system of genes responsible for the genetic component of variation in a quantitative (polygenic) character. Allelic substitutions contribute to the variance in a specified quantitative character. Polygenic locus may be either a single or complex genetic locus in the conventional sense, i.e., either a single gene or ...