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A proxy war is a conflict inflicted by a major power or powers that do not become involved in it directly. Often, proxy wars involve countries fighting their opponents' allies or helping their allies fight their opponents. The number of proxy wars increased gradually since the beginning of the Cold


A proxy server is a node on the Internet that allows a user to obscure his IP and location from sites that he visits. The server establishes a secure connection and rebroadcasts packets so that they appear to originate with the proxy server and not the user's computer.


Set a Windows computer to route network traffic through a proxy server by changing the setting in the Local Area Network Settings dialog under the Connections tab in Internet Properties. You may need permission from your network administrator if you are trying use a proxy server at work.


A U.S. proxy server is needed when a person requires an intermediary between her web browser and the Internet. These servers can be used for several processes, including improving browsing performance, increasing security or filtering out content.


To find your IP address, search for it with an online search engine. Open a Web browser, navigate to either Google or Bing, and run the search.


A proxy vote is a voting ballot that is cast by one person on behalf of another. It is a common method for shareholders to cast votes when they cannot personally attend a corporate meeting where voting takes place.


A vote by proxy is the act of one person casting a ballot on behalf of another person. Often, proxy votes are an option exercised by shareholders in a given company, if they do not wish to attend meetings in which voting on corporate matters takes place.


The way to find the proxy settings on a computer depends on the operating system installed. On a Windows PC, one can find the proxy settings under Local Area Network Settings. On a Mac OS X, the proxy settings are found under the Network settings after clicking the Advanced button.


Proxy voting services are used by corporations to manage voting decisions and record results reliably when dealing with sensitive issue such as board of directors elections. Other issues dealt with by proxy voting services include auditor ratification, company bylaw alterations and compensation rati


An IP (Internet protocol) address is a set of numbers assigned to every computer on the Internet that helps identify each one. These numbers also help direct information to other computers. Each computer on the network has it's own unique IP address.