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44. “Sales Resistance!” I Love Lucy Barbie Doll > Estimated value: $1,050 > Year released: 2004 > Rare qualities: N/A


As part of the promotion for the movie Barbie and The Diamond Castle, Mattel released a special edition doll, which was decked out in diamonds. The doll is seen in a pink ballgown wearing a tiara but even though this looks like all the other regular Barbie dolls, it is actually worth $95,000.


The Hallmark Holiday Memories Special Edition Barbie appeared in 1995, and it is now worth $50. The 1994 Walmart Country Bride is worth $20. Winter Fantasy. The Winter Fantasy Special Edition Barbies are around $40. They were made in 1995 and 1996 in gold and white dresses and then in burgundy dresses.


Verify that your doll has all of the accessories that were originally included. Consult a Barbie doll collector’s book that features the estimated values for every Barbie released 2. Search for the year in which your "Gone With the Wind" Barbie was first released – 1994 – and also look for the exact name and model of your Barbie.


The first Barbie dolls were unveiled at the New York Toy Fair in 1959. Barbie released the Ponytail Barbie line from 1959 to 1964. There were seven versions released. To collectors, the most valued is the first edition and second edition, which can be sold for several thousand dollars.Each variation of the doll has slight differences, body style, clothing, and markings that enable you to tell ...


Barbie is no longer just a toy. She has become a very collectible doll. The introduction of Blue Rhapsody Barbie in 1986 marked both the first limited edition collector Barbie as well as the first porcelain Barbie. Mattel also created collector tiers of Pink, Black, Gold and Platinum Label Barbies.


wanting to find out how much these dolls are worth 1 portrait in blue barbie 1997, 1 ken and barbie nutcracker 2001,dolls of the world (princess of the vikings 2003,1999 millennuim princess barbie,200 … read more


A played-with #1 from 1959, no clothes, no box, no accessories, can probably fetch $5,000. A mint condition, complete, MIB doll is probably worth about $10,000. if you have the first barbie doll ...


The original style of barbie looked a lot different, with the sassy side eye and the high ponytail, but now you can get one of those classic dolls with your classic Dream House and live that vintage dream you've always wanted! The reproduction is available on Amazon for $76, and for the amount of nostalgia you're going to get it's an absolute steal