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Holistic education addresses the broadest development of the whole person at the cognitive and affective levels (Singh, 1996). It aims for the fullest possible human development enabling a person to become the very best or finest that they can be and develop fully ‘those capacities that together make up a human being’ (Forbes, 2003).


Five Aspects of Holistic Development Five Aspects of Holistic Development • Physiological – the physical attributes including the five physical senses • Cognitive – the intellectual functions of the mind: thinking, recognizing, reasoning, analyzing, projecting, synthesizing, recalling, and assessing • Psychological – how thinking, feeling, and behaving interact and happen in a ...


Holistic Parenting and Education: Encouraging All-round Development in Your Child Dr Goh Chee Leong HELP University. A. Understanding WHAT holistic education is? What is a holistic approach to child development? Contrasting Approaches to Child Development. Narrow Approach • Focus on one aspect of growth – Academic results Holistic Approach ...


The holistic development of children in early childhood is an aspiration and basic principle guiding the interventions and programmes of early childhood. The early childhood experiences may encourage or hinder their holistic development, depending on the access to and quality of


The Holistic Approach to Child Development . Module Code: BAEY14C/BAEY24C . Level: 4 . Credits: 30 . Pre-requisites: Placement with child 0-8 . Module Description: Understanding how children develop is a key requirement for all those who work in early years settings. It is a time of rapid growth, and professionals need to develop


Holistic Approach of Research Work A. Saleem1, Shabana Tabusum. S.Z2 & Dr. M. Sadik Batcha3 ... Un frozen development during the course of design, which are uncontrollable. Tools for Data Collection: The data collection begins after a research problem has been .


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HUMANISTIC AND HOLISTIC LEARNING THEORY By Andrew P. Johnson, Ph.D. Minnesota State University, Minnesota www.OPDT-Johnson.com 6.13.12 I’ve used Humanistic Learning Theory as the chapter title here to provide a general sense of what it might contain; however, labels and categories often get in the way of true understanding.

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The shift moved from holistic theorisation of development towards local ‘participation’ and ‘empowerment’ (Mohan & Stokke 2000:247). The underlying principle of such a phenomenon is the people’s control of the processes. Todaro and Smith (2006:16) also agree with Edwards that if a development ...


What is Holistic Health? Holistic Health is the practice of working with the "whole" person to improve overall health, energy, and outlook. Rather than a disease based approach to health care - see a doctor, take a pill, rinse and repeat - a holistic practitioner uses a wellness-based model to treat everything - mind, body, spirit, and beyond.