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Scrum, Extreme Programming, Crystal and Adaptive Software Development are some popular agile software development processes. Others include Feature-driven Development, Dynamic Systems Development Method and Lean Software Development.


Agile methodology is a concept that allows for alternative project management methodology in order to respond to unpredictability. The methodology is often used by businesses in software development.


Agile methodology is a way of developing software in which members of the development team collaborate closely with one another and with business stakeholders. Another major aspect of agile methodology is the incremental development and delivery of the software, with planning evolving and testing oc


A change in velocity is called acceleration. It can be positive or negative, though negative acceleration, or a decrease in velocity, is often referred to as deceleration.


Average velocity is the displacement of an object, divided by the time it took to cover that distance. Displacement is the straight line distance between the starting point and ending point of an object's motion. Velocity is referred to as a vector quantity because it has both magnitude and directio


Velocity is a vector quantity measured in units of length per time. Using the United States customary unit of measurement, velocity is typically given in miles per hour, commonly abbreviated to "mph."


Speed and velocity are similar in that they are measured in the same measurement units, which are meters per second. However, velocity and speed are very different quantities because one has a direction and the other one does not.


Find the final velocity with these two equations: v = u + at and v2 – u2 = 2as. Equation one relates to time taken t, while equation two relates to distance covered S. With the first equation, add initial velocity to the value of acceleration x time.


Velocity is an American satellite and cable television network owned by Discover Communications, Inc., which also owns Discovery Channel. Broadcast in high-definition, the commercial-based channel focuses on programming related to cars and sports geared to attract adult males between the ages of 25


Find an object's initial velocity using the appropriate formula for the information you have available: u = v-at, or u^2 = v^2-2as, or u = s/t-1/2at. Use first formula if final velocity (V), time (t) and acceleration (a) are known.