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Agility helps performance in activities that require quick change in direction while maintaining balance, speed, strength and body control. It is an important aspect in many sports. Good agility can translate into better performance and faster response, and can give one an edge over his competitors.


Agile development is a methodology used in software development that emphasizes creating usable code as quickly as possible. Many companies have adopted agile methodologies due to the advantages at dealing with unpredictability.


Agility is a football player's ability to make quick movements while maintaining balance and speed. Some examples of agile football activities include a running back dodging a defender, a cornerback's rapid change of direction and a lineman's ability to stay in front of a moving rusher. All these ac


Agility is important in football because the ability to stop, start and change directions quickly and unexpectedly gives players a greater chance of eluding the opposition and completing plays. Every snap of the ball involves challenges between opposing players. Players on offense make nimble, evasi


Velocity is found by dividing the total amount of space an object moved by a measurement of time and combining that with the direction it moved. Velocity is a vector, and speed is only part of this vector.


Agile software development is a collection of practices that minimize unnecessary overheads while still delivering products that meet customer needs. The Agile Manifesto, located at AgileManifesto.org, hosts the twelve founding principles of agile software development. AllAboutAgile.com also lists t


Develop agile projects by incorporating the key elements of agile software development into the entire process, including an emphasis on developer interaction and customer feedback along with flexibility to adapt to current demands. The project should also function around developing a product road m


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Speed and velocity share many similarities, speed is a scalar property while velocity is a vector property. A vector is a scalar quantity with a direction attached to it.


Because velocity is the rate of motion of an object in a specific direction, either an increase or decrease in the object's speed or a change in its direction of travel causes its velocity to change. This change in velocity is defined as an acceleration, which according to Newton's laws of motion oc