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The dangers of Testosterone for women are only partly known. Fewer studies have been done on women than men, and many studies are conflicting. Is Testosterone safe for women? When does Testosterone make sense for a woman? Listen in to my Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast on this topic on the player above or on iTunes.


The other things that one would look at are chemical. We did have one woman where the effects on her body’s lipids were bad. There’s a good cholesterol called HDL cholesterol, and one of the actions of testosterone is to lower the HDL, and we did have one patient, one study woman where it went so low that we had to stop it.


Taking testosterone injections once a week may be the best way to keep the levels of this hormone even. Types of testosterone injection. ... What happens when a woman has low testosterone?


Testosterone Side Effects in the Treatment of FTM Transsexuals Female to male transsexuals may experience side effects from testosterone treatment. Although life-threatening complications are rare, it is important to be familiar with the possible testosterone side effects


Testosterone intake is connected with some myths and mysconceptions, which was revealed. Testosterone is a ‘male’ hormone. Testosterone is the most abundant biologically active hormone in women. Testosterone's only role in women is sex drive and libido. Testosterone is essential for women's physical and mental health and wellbeing


Women who boost their testosterone notice the difference in firmer, more elastic, less crepe-y skin. They also find thinning hair becomes thicker. Although many studies confirm testosterone’s benefits for men, little research is available on its advantages for women except in the area of libido (sexual desire) and some great research on ...


Testosterone is known as the "Impulsive Hormone" and studies have continually looked into the effects of the hormone in both men and women. Such studies have found that people who have high levels of testosterone are usually dominant, aggressive, take risks and are usually single.


Testosterone plays a role in the development and maturation of both men and women. It’s basically responsible for a lot of what happens during puberty, and also plays a role in your adult life.


Next is the subject of what happens when you stop testosterone therapy after the initial cycle of treatment ends. The hope is that a man will take advantage of the increased drive, energy, motivation, vitality, and healthfulness that he is feeling to make some beneficial changes in his life that can help improve overall testosterone production.


Testosterone pellets. In the last few years, a lot of men and women have switched over to a pellet that goes under your skin. This is probably the best way to take testosterone now. The pellet is life-changing for both men and women (the dose for women is much lower than it is for men).