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The “bottom” number, or the second one, is diastolic blood pressure, which measures the pressure in your blood vessels between heart beats. Normal blood pressure is a systolic reading of less than 120 mm Hg and diastolic reading of less than 80 mm Hg.


What does it mean when the top number of my blood pressure is notmal but bottom is pre-hypertension? 108/81. Dr. Stuart Kanter answered. 20 years experience Geriatrics. Nothing: One single blood pressure reading is no sufficient to make a diagnosis. Diastolic BP of 81 is not suggestive of hypertension.


Understanding the difference between blood pressure and pulse. While your blood pressure is the force of your blood moving through your blood vessels, your heart rate is the number of times your heart beats per minute. They are two separate measurements and indicators of health. For people with high blood pressure (HBP or hypertension), there ...


If the systolic number is low and close to the diastolic number (e.g. 90/80) this indicates low blood pressure 2.Low blood pressure may not be harmful depending on the range of systolic and diastolic numbers, but can be indicative of more serious problems if numbers are severely low or pressure drops suddenly, according to the Mayo Clinic 2.. Optimum Blood Pressure


Also, if you find that your systolic blood pressure (the first, or “top” number) is higher than at least 130, and your diastolic number (the second number, or “bottom” number) is lower than 80, you may have something called Isolated Systolic Hypertension. This type of high blood pressure becomes more and more common as people get older.


Blood pressure readings have two numbers. The top number is the systolic blood pressure, which indicates how much pressure your blood is exerting against artery walls as the heart beats. The lower number indicates how much pressure the blood is exerting against artery walls while the heart is at rest between beats. When an individual is ...


When the heart relaxes, the blood pressure falls, but doesn't go to zero. This lull in the blood pressure is called the "diastolic" blood pressure. This is the bottom number. In general, we don't like the bottom number to be much above 85. If this number is too high, then the top number is usually high too.


View the full blood pressure chart to learn more about blood pressure readings. What does a blood pressure reading of 105/65 mean? Readings above 90/60 and below 120/80 indicate that the blood pressure in your arteries is Normal .


Blood pressure often rises with age, but experts agree lower numbers are better for overall health. Blood pressure is measured in two numbers: systolic and diastolic. The top number is the systolic blood pressure, which measures the pressure caused by the heart contracting and squeezing out blood.


High systolic blood pressure can increase your risk for heart disease. However, simple lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise can help bring it down.