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Brown-colored vomit may indicate that a person is vomiting blood, according to Mayo Clinic. Vomiting blood can result from minor conditions, such as nose bleeds or a cut in the mouth, to major conditions, such as stomach ulcers, gastritis and pancreatic cancer, states Healthline.


Blood in the vomit can be indicative of alcohol-related conditions such as cirrhosis or alcohol hepatitis, or other serious health conditions such as erosion of the stomach lining, esophageal cancer or pancreatic cancer, according to Healthline. A person experiencing bloody vomit should always seek


Throwing up a yellow substance can indicate bile reflux, according to Mayo Clinic. In addition to being yellow, the substance may look green.


The ASPCA explains that the causes of vomiting in dogs range from the benign and everyday to the dangerous and urgent. Dogs may vomit simply from eating something disagreeable or too quickly. This is a physiological tool of the scavenger. On the other hand, vomiting may result from ingesting a toxic


Just like a human being, a cat may vomit if it eats food too fast, engages in vigorous activity soon after eating or it experiences health complications, according to WebMD. If your cat shows other symptoms like dullness, sleeping more than normal, change in water consumption, weight loss or diarrhe


When vomit is bright yellow or greenish yellow in color, it means that the vomit contains bile, a substance that is secreted by the liver, according to Parents. Yellow vomit in babies can be indicative of a birth defect that causes an obstruction in the gastrointestinal tract. It can also indicate a


A green tongue indicates that a person is suffering from a condition called black hairy tongue. The condition is commonly characterized by black color, but it may be green in other people, as stated by WebMD. It can also be brown or yellow.


To dream of vomiting could indicate that there is an aspect of life that the dreamer thinks he needs to let go and move on from because it can be causing pain, according to dreamdictionary.com. Many people have negative aspects of their life that they may unknowingly hold on to in a damaging way. Ot


Causes of frequent vomiting in dogs include eating too fast, overeating, acute kidney failure, heat stroke and bacterial infection of the intestines. Additionally, swelling of the gall bladder, intestinal parasites, diet changes and bloating can cause consistent vomiting in dogs. Eating foreign bodi


According to the VCA Animal Hospital, diarrhea and vomiting in cats are common symptoms of gastroenteritis, an inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Bacteria, parasites, certain foods, medications and viruses cause gastroenteritis. The condition typically presents as intermittent episodes of a