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To find cell towers, visit AnetannaSearch.com, fill in your address, and submit your search details to view nearby cell towers on a map. The site displays the existing and future cell towers within 3 miles of the specified location.


AT&T has cell towers in most of the United States' largest metropolitan areas, such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Houston. AT&T also has cell towers in Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, Boston and Washington, D.C.


Some cell tower companies are American Tower, Crown Castle and SBA Communications. These are the top three Tower Companies in the United States, though their services are not limited to the United States.


Cell phone towers are constructed using steel shaped in a pole or a lattice. These towers house radio transmitters and receivers that allow communications to transfer between phones and towers. The radios are connected to the tower antennae using sets of thick grounded cables.


Straight Talk cell phones are prepaid phones available through TracFone Wireless and don't require users to sign a contract or pass a credit check. Rather than paying monthly bills, users select a pay-as-you-go plan that includes data, text messaging and phone calls. In addition to buying phones thr


The Federal Communications Commission states, "Cellular or PCS cell site towers are typically 50-200 feet high." Cell phone towers can exist as stand-alone structures, or an antenna can be attached to water towers or the roofs of buildings.


The Federal Communications Commission website contains lists of registered antenna structures across the United States, including cell towers. Alternatively, CellReception.com combines a list of FCC-registered towers with Google Maps to create a searchable map of tower locations.


Straight Talk Wireless is a mobile phone service provider. The company is partnered with TracFone, as well as Wal-Mart, offering its service plans exclusively through the retailer's stores.


Some phones sold by Straight Talk use the Verizon network, and some do not. Each phone the company sells is assigned to its own home network. The brand also features phones that use T-mobile, AT&T, Sprint and regional carriers to provide call and data services.


Locate nearby cell towers by using locator websites such as AntennaSearch.com and CellReception.com. Knowing the location of a tower allows the owner to point the antenna in the most useful direction and identify the best place to mount it.