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Still Have These? 10 Most Valuable Barbies Worth Money Today. by Teri on June 10, 2019. Millions of little girls have grown up playing with Barbie dolls. In fact, Barbie has remained one of the most popular dolls on the market for decades.


A good Barbie doll certainly doesn't need to break the bank. A basic Barbie doll can cost as little as $10, while Barbie doll sets, complete with extras and accessories, generally range between $15 and $30. Not surprisingly, collectible Barbie dolls cost a bit more, with prices starting at around $40 and reaching upwards of $100 for rarer items.


Barbies. Barbie made her appearance in March 1959, and has long been sought after by collectors. Although interest in Mattel’s popular plastic dolls has waned in recent years, some models still get big bucks. A 1976 Superstar Barbie doll in its original box sold on eBay in April for $130, according to WorthPoint, which tracks collectible prices.


23 Certain Barbie Dolls (So. Much.) If you want a specific list on 90s Barbies that are now worth a fortune, we have that . Such Barbies include the Bob Mackie Neptune Fantasy Barbie, Summer Splendor Barbie, and Holiday Caroler Barbie.


In 2019, Mattel's Barbie brand generated gross sales amounting to about 1.16 billion U.S. dollars, up from about 1.09 billion U.S. dollars the year before. Additional information on Mattel’s Barbie


Barbie has been around since 1959, and the hundreds of varieties of Barbies can sell for anywhere between $5 and $5,000 dollars. With those kind of prices, there is no doubt that Barbie is as hot as ever. If you are looking to either buy or sell Barbies, the trick to getting the best value is doing your research up front.


Some of the original Magic: The Gathering cards from the '90s are worth a ton of money now. The Black Lotus alpha-deck card is one of the rarest cards in existence, with just 1,100 ever printed.


Oddly enough, when it comes to this Beanie, people are paying foolish amounts of money for the misspelt words it was produced with. Wait, this Beanie is worth thousands because there was no spellcheck done? Indeed. Millennium was released in 1999, making it one of the later-pellet stuffed animals to be produced.


The only vintage Barbie dolls on the market in 1966 do not have 1966 in their marking . 4039 Barbie doll Color N Curl set. Set includes one molded Barbie head, four wigs, wig stand, hair dryer, color changer and accessories . 4038 Barbie doll Color N Curl set 1965 - Same as above set.


Some of the early Barbie dolls had eyelashes that seemed almost real. Later Barbie dolls had painted-on eyelashes. Totally Hair Barbie, a best seller in 1992, had floor length hair that could be styled. Some Barbie dolls manufactured in later years had molded-on underpants or tights. They also sometimes had arms that were bent at the elbows.