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Twenty dollar gold coins with "copy" marked on them are worth some money but not nearly as much as the coin being replicated. They are also unlikely to be made of the same precious metals as the original coin.


According to XYZ Collectibles, there are many old National Geographic magazines that are worth money. For example, as of 2014, the January 1902 issue of National Geographic is valued at $816.50.


As of June 2014, first-generation Beanie Babies with both intact hang tags and tush tags are valuable, along with a few later second-generation and rare Beanies. The so-called first generation Beanie Babies consist of the plushies released in late 1993 or early 1994 with a flat, heart-shaped hang ta


Whether a cruise drink package is worth the money or not depends on the specific package and the drinking habits of the person who is purchasing it. For passengers who want the convenience of not having to have everything paid for upfront, or those who want use the freedom to try new drinks, the pac


As of 2012, wild ginseng is worth anywhere from $500 to $600 per pound, and cultivated ginseng is worth about $50 per pound. One half-acre plot of wooded land can yield up to $30,000 of ginseng if the plant is cultivated properly.


If the appliance still works, it's worth more to sell the used appliance to another consumer than it is to sell it for scrap metal, as of 2015. For example, top-freezer refrigerators are available used online for up to $300, while they bring between $15 and $20 for scrap.


A dime from 1910 can sell in collectors' circles for as little as $3 to over $180, depending on its condition. Dimes from 1910 produced at the Philadelphia mint as proofs are worth more money, with those in good condition valued at $400 to $485.


For busy people with limited time to grocery shop on their own, online shopping and delivery may well be worth a little extra money. Shoppers should be realistic about how they’re able to choose fresh products such as meat and produce and what kinds of substitutions they’re willing to accept for fav


Tina Turner has the sexiest legs and that is the reason her legs are worth so much money, according to the Hanes Hosiery sponsored Sexy Celebrity Legs Survey in 2011. Her legs are insured for $3.20 million, as of 2015.


The value of 1861 Confederate money firstly depends on whether the note is genuine. Fake Confederate paper money is common. The best way to determine whether a note is authentic is to take it to a reputable coin dealer for examination. Coin World hosts an online directory of coin dealers across the