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Whales range in size from the blue whale, the largest animal known to have ever lived on Earth to various pygmy species, such as the pygmy sperm whale that reaches a length of around 10 feet.


The orca's (Orcinus orca) size of up to 31 feet (9.4 meters) makes it the largest dolphin. The sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus), on the other hand, may not be the biggest whale, but it has the biggest brain to have ever existed on Earth. A comparison chart of whale sizes helps put it all in perspective!


The Sizes of Whales The largest known species of whales is the blue whale or Balaenoptera musculus, which is also recognized as the biggest living mammal. This animal can grow up to 35 meters or 105 feet long and weighs as much as 150 tons.


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Great infographics presenting the different breeds of dogs, cats, whales, bees, sheep, goats, horses, chicken, pigs, cattle and ducks (click images to enlarge). ... Solar System Size Smallest Whale Big Whale Fossils Dolphins Evolution Baleen Whales Size Chart Arctic. More information. Article by. Earthly Mission (to Extract the Juice of the ...


The Pygmy whale and Antarctic Blue Whale sizes I cited directly from quoted sizes by the researchers- the North Atlantic size I eyeballed from a chart they provided, so it may be slightly larger (it was a dot roughly half-way between the "25m" and "30m" points).


The blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) is a marine mammal belonging to the baleen whale parvorder, Mysticeti. At up to 29.9 metres (98 ft) in length and with a maximum recorded weight of 173 tonnes (190 short tons), it is the largest animal known to have ever existed. Long and slender, the blue whale's body can be various shades of bluish-grey dorsally and somewhat lighter underneath.


We've all seen the charts that attempt to show an animal's size compared to that of an average human, but it's very hard to truly comprehend an animal's size compared to a human based on those shaded figures. Photos tell a much better story, but the size of objects in photos can be misleading if there isn't a familiar object in there for scale.


Size The baleen whales are larger than the toothed whales. Female baleen whales are slightly larger than the males. The biggest whale is the female blue whale, which grows to be about 94 feet (29 m) long - the height of a 9-story building. There are undocumented sighting of blue whales up to 110 feet (34 m) long.


Blue whales are the largest animals ever known to have lived on Earth. These magnificent marine mammals rule the oceans at up to 100 feet long and upwards of 200 tons. Their tongues alone can ...