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According to National Geographic, whale sharks reach weights of 42,000 pounds or more. As the largest fish in the sea, the warm-water creatures have been measured at 40 feet but potentially grow even larger.


Whale sharks breed by internal insemination of a female by a male. The young are born alive and take about 30 years to reach sexual maturity. Whale sharks are believed to live 70 to 100 years.


Killer whales prefer cold ocean waters, but they live in oceans throughout the world. The Pacific Northwest and higher Southern Ocean latitudes are the areas most populated with killer whales, according to Sea World. Shallow waters along coasts are common locations for the whales when feeding.


The main defenses for a whale shark are its thick skin and large size. Whale sharks are one of the largest fish in the sea, so this is usually enough of a deterrent. If they are attacked, their skin, which can be up to six inches thick, fends off attacks.


Sharks have adapted to their habitat by having streamlined, hydrodynamic bodies. Their skeletons aren't made of bone like other fish but cartilage. This makes their skeletons lighter and more flexible.


Sharks and whales are enormous ocean creatures that have large, torpedo-shaped bodies and dorsal fins. Both species swim well in the water, use their senses to catch prey and, as meat eaters, rely on carnivorous food to survive. Both the shark and whale have large teeth and huge jaws, and neither se


Whale sharks live in the open ocean where they feed on plankton, schooling fishes, jellyfish, small crustaceans and squid. Whale sharks up to approximately 3 feet in length are eaten by blue marlin, blue sharks, great white sharks and killer whales.


A whale shark is not bigger than a blue whale. They both, however, hold "world's largest" distinctions. The whale shark is the largest living fish, while the blue whale is the largest living animal.


Great white sharks do not eat killer whales, and it is, in fact, the other way around. Research has shown that the screams of killer whales have been known to drive away marine life, like great white sharks, hammerheads and even dolphins from different environments. This is because killer whales hav


Whales are not considered fish. Although they resemble other animals that are considered fish, whales have a very different anatomy. Whales share many more anatomical and genetic features with another group of animals entirely: mammals.