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Western Painted Turtle General Info. One of the most popular pet turtle breeds, and one that is appropriate for beginner turtle keepers, the Western Painted Turtle is the largest of the four Painted Turtle species. There are many captive-bred Western Painted Turtles, and these attractive, colorful turtles are a joy to watch as they swim and bask.


Painted turtles are named as such because of their ornate shell markings but they may also be known as Chrysemys picta, the Eastern painted turtle, the Southern painted turtle, the midland painted turtle, or the Western painted turtle.Regardless of what you call them though, painted turtles require special attention paid to their water quality, enclosure temperatures, and the food they are fed ...


Western Painted Turtle Pet. The Chrysemys picta bellii can make a good pet, thanks to their bright color patterns. However, before you make them hour pet, you must go through your state wildlife rules and regulations. Some countries don’t allow turtles to be kept as a pet.


Painted Turtle Size. Besides their attractive coloration, another appealing aspect of painted turtles is their manageable adult size. Large western painted turtles rarely exceed 8 inches in length, and southern painted turtles are not normally larger than 6 inches.


Western Painted Turtle Facts. The western painted turtle is a subspecies of the painted turtle, and as the name suggests the turtles are painted with bright colors of red, yellow and olive on their neck, head, tail, legs and lower shell.


Western Painted Turtle. Scientific name: Chrysemys picta bellii PDF version of this page The Western Painted Turtle is named after the bright yellow stripes on its head, neck, tail and legs, and the glowing red on its plastron (shell covering the belly) and under-edge of its carapace (shell covering the back).


The painted turtle is an aquatic turtle species most commonly found in and around slow moving bodies of water. Painted turtles grow to an average shell size (called a carapace) of around 12 inches, with the female western painted turtles reaching an average size of one foot. Generally, female ...


The southern painted turtle (C. p. dorsalis), the smallest subspecies, is 10–14 cm (4–6 in) long. Its top stripe is a prominent red, and its bottom shell is tan and spotless or nearly so. The largest subspecies is the western painted turtle (C. p. bellii), which grows up to 26.6 cm (10 in) long.


Western Painted Turtles. The Western Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta belli) is found from Canada and the northwestern United States south to Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, and Arizona. This species is the largest painted turtle reaching 7-8 inches as adults.


Range: The western painted turtle is found in the mid-western states of Oklahoma northward to the Dakotas and extends as far as Saskatchewan, Canada. It reaches the eastern portion of its range in upper Michigan and Ontario where it intergrades with other races of painted turtles. It is found in the Rio Grande of New Mexico.