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Climate control in a car is the system that keeps the temperature inside the car even and comfortable. This includes the car's heating and cooling systems as well as their controls.


Climate control units for automobiles come in three basic types that vary according to the amount of control the driver has over the temperature and fan speed. Manual climate control units allow the driver to set exact temperatures and fan speeds, while semi-automatic and fully automatic units have


Climate can be divided into five main types, which are tropical, dry, temperate, cold and polar. Within each climate type, there are further sub-divisions determined by local weather patterns and conditions. Two main variables that determine the exact climate type of an area are the average air temp


Climate change stems from numerous sources, including accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the burning of coal and fossil fuels and even some natural Earth activities such as volcanic eruptions. Some climate change comes from natural phenomena, including the changing path of Earth's o


Maine, despite its location high on the northern Atlantic coast, enjoys a climate with four distinct seasons. As with many locations, temperatures and precipitation patterns vary in Maine throughout the year. Maine contains unique geography, complete with coastal areas, high mountains and riparian l


The climate is determined by a number of factors, including how the atmosphere, oceans and continents react to the solar radiation that heats the planet. The oceans play a major role in determining long-term climate, as they transport and release stored heat slowly over hundreds of years.


The North American continent encompasses several different climates, but most of the continent experiences a temperate climate. Parts of California experience a desert climate, Northern Canada has a polar climate and some of the Californian coast experiences a Mediterranean climate.


While there are variations, most of South America has a hot and wet climate for much of the year. The continent is situated relatively close to below the equator.


The state of California covers a very large land area and has many different climates in different parts of the state. Coastal climates are generally considered Mediterranean and weather is generally mild through much of the rest of the state, but the state does also contain extreme climates in dese


England has a temperate maritime climate. The Gulf Stream creates generally mild, maritime-influenced weather patterns, leading to England's rainy climate and resulting in a lush green countryside.