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Climate can mean the average weather for a particular region and time period taken over 30 years. Climate is the average of weather over time. August is the hottest month for West with an average high temperature of 96.3°, which ranks it as warmer than most places in Texas.


The Outlook highlights trends in temperature, precipitation, and climate in the West and offers a quick overview of climate conditions throughout the Western states to include summaries of regional impacts.In 2001, Western Governors and NOAA signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together on extreme weather and climate issues.


NOAA/NCEI's Western Region Climate Services provide the data, tools, and information that help private and public sector constituents in the West reduce their risk and improve their resiliency to the impacts of climate variability and change. The Western United States is one of the most climate-sensitive areas in the nation.


United States West climate guide. Weather averages, seasons, and tips on the best time to visit.


The marine west coast climate, a type of mild climate typical of cities such as Seattle, Washington, in the U.S. and Wellington, New Zealand, has a longer, cooler winter than the Mediterranean climate. Drizzle falls about two-thirds of winter days, and temperatures average about 5° Celsius (41° Fahrenheit).


The western United States is home to some of the nation’s most beautiful land. It’s also home to record-breaking amounts of renewable energy, as well as some of our most progressive climate policies—including carbon pricing and smart transportation choices.. And yet, across the West, signs of our rapidly changing climate become clearer each year.


Climate outweighed other factors in determining burned area in the western U.S. from 1916 to 2003, 86 a finding confirmed by 3000-year long reconstructions of southwestern fire history. 87, 89, 90, 91, 88 Between 1970 and 2003, warmer and drier conditions increased burned area in western U.S. mid-elevation conifer forests by 650% (Ch. 7 ...


Weather Resources. You will find below a selection of useful information sites and resources. BBC Weather - The BBC Weather Centre provides UK and Worldwide weather services and maps for temperature, wind, satellite, pressure and radar.; Met Office - Weather and climate change; Climate Change - Climate change is a long-term change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over ...


Western North Carolina Weather and Climate Information. Asheville, NC, WNC's largest city, has a mild climate year-round.At an elevation just over 2000', the climate in Asheville is definitely different from surrounding Southeastern cities.


West Virginia has a humid continental climate, with hot summers and cool to cold winters. The climate of the eastern panhandle is influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic slope and is similar to that of nearby coastal areas. Mean annual temperatures vary from 56°F (13°C) in the southwest to 48°F (9°C) at higher elevations. ...