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Due to the vast land area and highly diverse topography, the climate in China is highly varied. The different climates in China include tropical in the southern part to subarctic in the extreme north. The Tibetan highlands have an alpine climate and most of the land basins have dry and harsh desert


The climate in China varies depending on the season and the region. The climate can be freezing with mountains covered in snow during certain months, while in other regions it can be dry and humid, depending on the time of year.


Asia has a wide variety of climates because of its huge size. Asia has some of the coldest places in the world as well as some of the hottest, driest and wettest places.


The climate of India varies significantly across the country; some areas are tropical, warm and humid while other areas have desert conditions and the northern locations experience temperate weather patterns. The geography of India varies widely and plays a key role in shaping prevailing climates an


The weather conditions France depend on which region of the country is under consideration. The Encyclopedia Britannica divides the nation into three broad climate classifications. These include the Oceanic, Continental and Mediterranean regions.


France has four different climate zones that vary depending on the location and that include coastal, continental, mountainous and Mediterranean climates. The northern and southern parts of the country are temperate, while the south is Mediterranean, the inland country is continental and the Alps ar


The term "social climate" is a sociological term that refers to the general feelings, attitudes, beliefs and opinions on a subject within society. Social climate is closely related to ideas such as the political climate, which refers to the general feelings of the public about modern political issue


Due to its size, Russia has a diverse climate that includes every vegetation zone with the exception of a tropical rain forest. Russia is known for cold, harsh winters, but its summer temperatures are mild in many areas.


Japan's climate is generally temperate, and the country has four distinct seasons. The climate is typically characterized by warm springs, hot and humid summers, cool and breezy autumns and cooler, dry winters


A moderate climate has weather patterns that remain within reasonable limits. A place with a moderate climate is neither too hot nor too cold. Moderate climate is also characterized by moderate wind and moderate rains. The changes between summer and winter are generally moderate in the temperate, or