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The Welsh Pony and Cob is a group of four closely-related horse breeds including both pony and cob types, which originated in Wales in the United Kingdom. The four sections within the breed society for the Welsh breeds are primarily distinguished by height, and also by variations in type: the smallest Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A); the slightly taller but refined Welsh Pony of riding type ...


PONY OVERVIEW The Welsh Pony actually refers, in general, to four sections (A, B, C, and D) in the Welsh Pony and Cob Society Stud Book. Section A is the original Welsh Mountain Pony and Section C and D refer to the Welsh Cob, a heavier, scaled-up Mountain Pony.


Today’s Horse Facts: The Welsh Mountain Pony. Beautiful Welsh Mt. Stud Horse lover, did you even know there is such a breed as the Welsh Mountain Pony? If so, do you know anything about this special breed from across the pond that not only children but adults love as well? Let’s see how well you do on today’s ten-question T/F quiz. Here ...


The Welsh Pony and Cob Society. The Welsh Pony and Cob Society was established in 1901 by landowners, farmers and those interested in the Welsh Breeds, who recognised the importance of documenting and recording the pedigrees of Welsh Ponies and Cobs.


Welsh pony, breed of small horse [1] of European origin. First bred primarily in Saxony, it later became localized in Wales. Although the breed is of ancient type, it presently bears traces of the Arabian horse [2] and shows influences of the Thoroughbred horse [3].


Welsh pony: Welsh pony, breed of small horse popular as a child’s or an adult’s mount. A hardy breed that developed in the Welsh mountains, the Welsh pony was originally used in coal mines. A saddle type was developed by introducing Thoroughbred and Arabian blood. Welsh ponies are about 12 hands (48 inches, or


information on the Welsh Pony at animal-world.com includes equestrian horse care and horse backgrounds for the Welsh Ponies with horse facts and pony pictures of these miniature horses.


The Welsh Pony and Cob Society is the largest breed registry in Britain, it was established in 1901 by landowners and farmers. The society's membership is worldwide, clearly showing the popularity of the Welsh Pony.


Many believe that the Exmoor pony is the direct descendant of this prehistoric breed. If this is the case, the Exmoor may be the foundation for, or at least influenced, such breeds as the Connemara, Icelandic, Shetland and the Welsh Mountain Pony.


The Welsh pony and cob—also known as the Welsh Mountain Pony—are the products of a storied history, having faced down challenges from both humans and Mother Nature, resulting in a group of tough, adaptable horses whose flashy style and elegant looks make them very popular choices for the show ring.