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He is a pony for people of all ages and these pages are for all Welsh Mountain Pony enthusiasts to contribute to and enjoy. We are home to the Welsh Mountain Pony Promotions pages where ponies can be found for sale and a marketing program for breeders.


Welcome to The Willows Welsh Ponies. We are breeders of Welsh Ponies, specifically Section A, Welsh Mountain Ponies. Welsh Mountain Ponies are the original, purest type of Welsh Pony. They originated in the rugged hills of Wales and adapted to the harsh conditions there. As such, they are hardy, compact, easy keepers with great stamina.


From the youngest sibling on a leadline pony to Dad on a Welsh Cob, the Welsh breed offers something for everyone. Welsh Ponies and Cobs are extremely versatile and compete at all levels of equine sports. Our family-friendly competition program promotes good sportsmanship, but best of all, it brings lasting friendships.


The Welsh Pony and Cob is a group of four closely-related horse breeds including both pony and cob types, which originated in Wales in the United Kingdom. The four sections within the breed society for the Welsh breeds are primarily distinguished by height, and also by variations in type: the smallest Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A); the slightly taller but refined Welsh Pony of riding type ...


The Welsh Mountain Pony originated in Wales, United Kingdom, and is the smallest of the Welsh breeds. These are small but extremely sturdy ponies that are known for their good looks and muscular built. They are not only used for riding in several disciplines, including show disciplines under saddle and in harness, but


Weehaven Welsh Ponies is a Southwest Colorado Welsh Pony Farm that promotes the responsible breeding, training, showing and sales of the highest quality Section A Welsh Mountain Ponies and Section B Ponies. Welsh Mountain Ponies are a highly versatile and well-loved breed, known for their intelligence, friendly personalities, and calm temperament.


For more information on the Welsh Mountain Pony go to welshmountainpony.org or WPCSA.org or visit the Section A Welsh Mountain Ponies in the USA - facebook page or the Welsh Mountain Ponies Promotion facebook page. There is no charge to post - it will be fun to see if we can get some ponies sold! NOTE WHEN POSTING AN AD.


Welsh Pony Breeders of National Champion Welsh Ponies and Cobs. Hundreds of pages of pedigrees and pictures of the welsh mountain pony. Imports, sport ponies, ponies for sale and stallions at stud. We have photos, history and pedigrees for the welsh pony. Searchable pages of breeding history and Equine information.


The founders of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society in 1901, in their wisdom, decided to register and record this ancient breed together with the Welsh Mountain Ponies and the larger Welsh Ponies in the Welsh Stud Book, dividing them into four sections according to height and type.


Welsh Ponies & Cobs. About Our Breed; Section A Welsh Pony; Section B Welsh Pony; Section C Welsh Pony of Cob Type; Section D Welsh Cob; Half-Welsh/Part-Bred; Breeder Listings; Stallions at Stud; The Society. Board of Directors; Office Staff; Committee List; Minutes; By Laws; Area Representatives; Member Directory; WPCSA Programs. Annual ...