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The Welsh Cob (Section D) is the largest size within the Welsh Pony and Cob breed registries. They must be taller than 13.2 hands (54 inches, 137 cm), with no upper height limit. They are used as riding horses for both adults and children, and are also used for driving. They are known for their hardiness and gentle nature.


The Welsh Cob originated in Wales, United Kingdom, and is the largest of all the four equine types within the ‘Welsh Pony and Cob’ breed registries, and is categorized as Type-D.Today, this breed is generally used as a show horse. However, they are also used as riding horses for both adults and children, as well as for driving.


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The breed of horse known as the Section D Welsh cob exemplifies the typical build of the traditional cob. In competition, unlike most other cobs, these animals are shown with full manes and tails. Coloured Cobs. Traditional or "Gypsy" cobs are often seen in "coloured" horse classes. Originally a favourite of ...


The Welsh Cob Standard. The Welsh Cobs were birthed and evolved from the Section A Welsh Mountain Pony. In the 18th and 19th centuries, outcrosses to Norfolk Roadsters, Hackneys, Arabians, some English Shires, and possibly others resulted in the modern Cob.


The Welsh Cob on the other hand is strictly speaking just one of four closely related types that together are referred to as the Welsh (Pony and Cob) breed.The separate sections can be interbred and recategorised to an extent, in accordance with guidelines set out by the Welsh Pony and Cob Society.


From the youngest sibling on a leadline pony to Dad on a Welsh Cob, the Welsh breed offers something for everyone. Welsh Ponies and Cobs are extremely versatile and compete at all levels of equine sports. Our family-friendly competition program promotes good sportsmanship, but best of all, it brings lasting friendships.


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Quillane Welsh Cobs is pleased to announce that Section D Welsh Cob Stallion Gallod Auryn (Nebo Calonog x Gallod Rhosyn Aur) will be on lease to Ryeland Welsh Cobs -Enniskillen, Ontario beginning in May of 2014. Auryn will be offered at public stud to a few outside approved mares (live cover only) as space permits.


The Welsh pony and cob—also known as the Welsh Mountain Pony—are the products of a storied history, having faced down challenges from both humans and Mother Nature, resulting in a group of tough, adaptable horses whose flashy style and elegant looks make them very popular choices for the show ring.