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As of 2015, the user manuals for popular Weller soldering iron models are available on the company's official tools website, Weller-ToolsUS.com. Users can also register Weller products, watch how-to videos, and download relevant brochures and software on the website.


For Dummies explains that the key to soldering is to apply heat to the points requiring connection and not to the soldering iron itself. By doing so, the joint is evenly connected on all sides, providing a smooth transfer point for the electric current between parts.


The most accurate way to identify a fake Weller pottery mark is to compare it to the photographs in a reference guide. Some pieces of Weller pottery have marks stamped in ink, while others are painted over the glaze or embossed into the pottery itself.


Solder is not the name of a particular metal. Solder is any soft metal used to join two harder metals together via melting and fusing to the parts of the joint. Many different alloys and pure, elemental metals are used for soldering. Many of the alloys combine some other metal with lead, as lead is


Solder alloys are made from a mixture of tin, lead, brass and silver. Solder made from tin and lead has a lower melting point, while brass and silver are used to create an alloy able to withstand higher temperatures.


Solder can be made up of metals such as lead, tin, cadmium, bismuth or silver. The type of solder used depends on the task at hand.


Solder paste is used on a printed circuit board to attach the leads or mounts of integrated chips to designated points on the board. The solder paste is generally applied or dispensed with a tube to the leads with the use of a stencil. The solder is pasted to the circuit board, then heated to melt t


A Weller solder gun is almost synonymous with soldering. Weller has been around for generations and its heavy-duty solder gun has not changed that much over the years. Home hobbyists and professionals alike can utilize the features of the Weller gun. Weller solder gun Some scrap bare metal wire Wire


Weller is known for making the best soldering gun and the 9400 model continues that tradition with the soldering power and cutting quickness. Home Stuff We Love Weller is known for making the best soldering gun and the 9400 model continues that tradition with the soldering power and cutting quicknes


The marks used by Weller vary as almost much as the styles. Learn to identify and date Weller Pottery marks with this list of mark examples. Weller Pottery Company used many different marks on its lines from 1872 through 1948. Some early marks included the name of the line, but most just indicated t