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As of 2015, the user manuals for popular Weller soldering iron models are available on the company's official tools website, Weller-ToolsUS.com. Users can also register Weller products, watch how-to videos, and download relevant brochures and software on the website.


The most accurate way to identify a fake Weller pottery mark is to compare it to the photographs in a reference guide. Some pieces of Weller pottery have marks stamped in ink, while others are painted over the glaze or embossed into the pottery itself.


Someone wishing to become a fitness model must develop a personal brand in order to stand out from other potential models. Individuals market their physical brand by entering fitness competitions, sending photos to magazines and networking with fitness industry insiders...


When replacing a car battery, make sure that the car engine is off, the vehicle is in park and the emergency break is activated. Avoid spilling battery acid.


Taking measurements for the window from inside the home, removing the old window sashes and installing the new window from inside the home are good tips for installing a replacement window. Measure the width and height of the window accurately to ensure a smooth install...


Tips for building paper models include taking as much time as necessary to do each part correctly, dry-fitting pieces before permanently gluing them in place, using clothespins to hold parts together when both hands are needed, and using hot glue to create the illusion ...


Tips for car mirror replacement include using a quality glue and scraping away all the old glue from the assembly before gluing on the new mirror. Install the mirror in the shade on a clear day when the temperature is between 50 and 75 degrees to ensure a tighter bond.