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As of 2015, the user manuals for popular Weller soldering iron models are available on the company's official tools website, Weller-ToolsUS.com. Users can also register Weller products, watch how-to videos, and download relevant brochures and software on the website.


Butane is often used in cigarette lighters and portable cooking stoves. It is also used as a heating fuel, a coolant, and a propellant in aerosols.


Butane was discovered by Dr. Walter O. Snelling in 1910. While working for the U.S. Bureau of Mines in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dr. Snelling conducted research on evaporating gasoline. He concluded that gasoline evaporated into propane, butane and other hydrocarbons.


The density of butane is 2.48 grams per cubic centimeter when the substance is at standard temperature and pressure conditions. The density is determined by dividing the mass in grams by the volume in cubic centimeters.


For Dummies explains that the key to soldering is to apply heat to the points requiring connection and not to the soldering iron itself. By doing so, the joint is evenly connected on all sides, providing a smooth transfer point for the electric current between parts.


The most accurate way to identify a fake Weller pottery mark is to compare it to the photographs in a reference guide. Some pieces of Weller pottery have marks stamped in ink, while others are painted over the glaze or embossed into the pottery itself.


To refill a butane lighter, first reset the flame intensity. Next, remove excess air from the fuel tank. Finally, fill the lighter using a butane gas refill can.