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WellCare is a company offering private health care plans to Medicare and Medicaid recipients that control and reduce unnecessary out-of-pocket medical costs. Guests on the WellCare website can choose the relevant qualifying program, and then either sign up online or call by phone for more informatio


WellCare is a health plan that provides preventative, medical and prescription services to government-sponsored health care members, according to the company website. WellCare provides Medicare and Medicaid services as well.


WellCare prior authorization is approval of prescriptions before the prescriptions are filled, according to WellCare. WellCare requires both consumers and physicians to obtain prior authorization for certain drugs. If approval is denied, WellCare may not cover the drug.


WellCare of Florida provides Medicaid, Medicare advantage and Medicare prescription drug plans to people with complex health care needs, according to WellCare. These health care plans are available through private-public partnership. The government-sponsored plans specialize in the provision of care


Some resources that WellCare offers providers are an authorization look-up tool that allows providers to search using CPT codes, manuals and handbooks with up-to-date information about health plan coverage procedures and policies, quick reference guides that contain important phone numbers and autho


As of 2015, WellCare offers government-sponsored managed care through health care programs such as Medicaid and Medicare, including prescription drug coverage, according to the organization's website. The specific insurance plans offered vary by state. In addition, WellCare focuses on assisting indi


Some WellCare Medicare Advantage Part C plans include dental coverage, but availability differs between regions. The dental services Medicare Advantage plans cover routine care, fillings and extractions. Dental coverage is not included under Original Medicare, which includes most of the plan's cover


WellCare Health Plans offers Medicare and Medicaid health plans as well as other managed health care services for government health care programs, according to WellCare. Although WellCare is based in Tampa, Florida, it provides health care plans nationwide, serving about four million subscribers as


Wellcare offers three Medicare Advantage plans for seniors, including the WellCare HMO, ‘Ohana HMO and Easy Choice HMO, as of February 2015. The company also offers Wellcare PDP, which is a Medicare Part-D program.


Wellcare in Tampa, Florida can be contacted at 866-830-9491 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The hearing impaired telephone number for Wellcare is at 877-247-6272.