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104 Interesting Cat Facts. By Karin Lehnardt, Senior Writer. Published August 19, 2016 Updated February 8, 2020. Unlike dogs, cats do not have a sweet tooth. Scientists believe this is due to a mutation in a key taste receptor. [5] When a cat chases its prey, it keeps its head level.


14. Evidence suggests domesticated cats have been around since 3600 B.C., 2,000 years before Egypt's pharaohs.. 15. A cat's purr may be a form of self-healing, as it can be a sign of nervousness ...


Totally weird cat facts — but very interesting! Uncover these fun facts about cats you probably don't know and will make you look at your cat differently.


10 Weird Facts About Cats. Mike Devlin. . . Comments. As with dogs, the domestication of cats was based on mutual benefit. In the earliest days of agriculture, man was forced to deal with an unforeseen consequence: rodents devouring his crop and spoiling his grain. Following voraciously in their footsteps were predators like snakes and owls ...


33 More Awesome Facts About Cats. Cats are a riddle wrapped in a mystery. Wrapped in a cat. Posted on May 12, 2014, 14:59 GMT Robyn Wilder. BuzzFeed Staff, UK. Share This Article Share On ...


Fun Cat Facts for Kids. Check out these fun cat facts for kids. Learn about cats as pets, their unique behavior, how long they sleep and much more. Read on and enjoy the wide range of interesting facts about cats and kittens. Cats are one of, if not the most, popular pet in the world.


So, to help you fully appreciate how awesome cats are, we asked cat care professionals on Care.com -- namely, cat sitters, boarders, and groomers -- to share their favorite fun facts about these mystical creatures. We then pulled together a list of the 101 most amusing cat facts that you can share with your friends and family.


Fun Facts about Cats Summary. We’re crazy about cat facts. Something about cats, especially cute kittens, never fails to pique our interest. In light of this, we’ve found the purrrfect list of cat facts — random facts that make learning cat facts fun for kids and adults alike!


Many of us cat lovers are intrigued by all things feline, so we’ve done the homework for you and dug up some purrfect cat facts for you to share with other connoisseurs of kitties. Here’s our list of 25 interesting facts about cats you may not have known. 1.


10 Absolutely Wild Cat Facts. It’s common knowledge that cats are notoriously weird creatures. They love to knock things off tables, make odd noises and lay in contortionist positions. But, we’re willing to bet you’ve never heard these astonishingly odd facts about our favorite furry friends.