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You can enter your weight in any unit you wish. Click on the "Calculate" button. Notice that the weights on other worlds will automatically fill in. Notice that your weight is different on the different worlds. You can click on the images of the planets to get more information about them from Bill Arnett's incredible Nine Planets web site.


Because weight = mass x surface gravity, multiplying your weight on Earth by the numbers above will give you your weight on the surface of each planet. If you weigh 150 pounds (68 kg.) on Earth ...


Since the various planets in our Solar System are different sizes, you will weigh less or more depending on the planet you are on. Note: Technically, the sun and Earth's moon are not called planets. This page should probably be titled Your weight on other heavenly bodies. Enter your weight in any unit you wish, the output will be in the same unit.


So, for an astronaut on the planet surface, r in the equation is the radius of the planet. The weight of an astronaut is different on different planets because the masses of the planets and their ...


If you were on other celestial bodies, you would weigh a different amount than you do on Earth. The weight that you feel depends on many things, including your actual mass, the mass of the planet you're on, and how far away you are from the center of that planet.


Calculating your Weight on another Planet. Credit: NASA/JPL. Your weight is different on other planets because the gravity is different. You have not changed of course, so your mass is always the same. We calculate weight by multiplying mass by the gravity on the surface of the planet.


Your weight on other planets is a result of your mass, the strength of gravity on the planet and the distance you are from the centre of it. Your mass doesn't change on other planets, but the gravity and size of those planets affects how much you weight. This is why astronauts are able to jump so high on the Moon.


Home » Discover » Simulators and Calculators » Weight-Planet Calculator. Weight-Planet Calculator. Your weight is different on other planets in the Solar System because the gravity is different. The following tool tells you what the scales would read on other worlds. You can measure your weight in any units you like (kilograms, newtons ...


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