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Re: Boat & trailer weights I have no intention of pulling a boat weighing near 5000lbs. The Xterra weighs just over 4000 lbs and is a short wheelbase as mentioned. I'd like to stay under 3500lbs on the boat/trailer total weight. Im looking at 18/19ft boats and estimating the trailer weights 1000lbs?


Commonly stated as "dry weight," it normally means the weight of the boat without any fluids in tanks. Since most builders end up having to ship boats, which requires obtaining an actual measured weight, builders typically ship the boat off to a truck weigh station where the weight is there taken less the weight of the trailer. ...


Boat Capacity . One of the most important things you need to know before setting out on the water is the maximum number of people and maximum amount of weight that your boat can safely handle. Not only is this an important safety concern, it’s also the law.


Your Guide to Pontoon Boat Weights. There’s going to come a point in time where you’re going to need to know the weight of your boat. Whether it be because you need to figure out just how much fishing equipment, accessories, and people you can load on the boat, ...


Derek. Hey — we are entering the boat market focused on pontoon boats for our family. Your site has had some good info! Just confirming that the above reference is a typo…..at the end of paragraph 3, you recommend 2500 lbs of towing, but reference it as 1133kg above the weight.


Find a boat weight chart on the NADA website. This website lists boats by various manufacturers in an easy-to-use format. NADA Guides makes it easy to find the weight of almost any type of boat from almost any manufacturer.


You can expect most pontoon boat weights to be around 2,500 pounds (1,134 kg). Most pontoon boat trailers weigh about 1,200 pounds (544 kg).The average boat weight with trailer is approximately 3,700 pounds (1,678 kg).Fuel also weighs about 6.3 pounds (2.9 kg) per gallon of gas. It's recommended to add the weight of a full tank to … Average Pontoon Boat Weights (With 7 Examples) Read More »


(1) my boat, motor, trailer, full tanks (20 gallons) and equipment weighed in at 2,190 pounds -- the truck stop scale weight was 2,060 & tongue weight an additional 150 pounds. I clearly underestimated the usual boating equipment I carry by over 400 pounds, as I knew the other weights involved.


Boat towing and trailering can be easy and stress free with a just a little bit of practice and preparation. Our guide will teach you the simple steps for towing, how to backup your boat trailer, how to get your boat on and off the trailer, and more. Also find boat trailering tips and information on certified trailers.


You can expect an average bass boat weight to be about 1,500 pounds (680 kg). Most bass boat trailers weigh about 800 pounds (363 kg).The average boat weight with trailer is approximately 2,300 pounds (1,043 kg).Gasoline for your motor also weighs about 6.3 pounds per gallon. With a 40 gallon tank common for most bass … Average Bass Boat Weight (With 10 Examples) Read More »