Holstein dairy cows are available online at Hoards.com, ValspringHolsteins.com and AmericanDairymen.com. Hoards.com lists classified ads from Holstein sellers throughout the United States. Each ad has a description and a... More »

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An average full-grown cow weighs between 1,000 and 1,800 pounds. A cow's weight varies by breed, age and individual factors. Holstein dairy cows tend to be quite large and usually weigh around 1,500 pounds, while Jersey ... More »

The main identifying feature of Holstein cows is their black-and-white-patched coloration. A recessive genetic trait sometimes causes Holstein cattle to be red and white, but this is rare. More »

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The average Holstein cow produces about 9 gallons or 75 pounds of milk per day. During each lactation period, which lasts about 305 days, one cow gives 2,674 gallons or 23,000 pounds of milk. During 2010, a single Wiscon... More »

Holstein World is a publication that provides dairy cattle farmers with information related to showing, breeding and buying cows by providing articles related to these topics as well as news in the industry. The website ... More »

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Bovine mastitis is often detected when cows exhibit symptoms; however, it can only be confirmed through testing such as the California Mastitis Test, according to the University of Missouri. The California Mastitis Test ... More »

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Meat produced by baby cows is called veal and is typically taken from male dairy calves that have been raised for 20 to 22 weeks. These calves can weigh up to 500 pounds. Veal is generally produced from Holstein breeds o... More »