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The weight of a full keg of beer depends on the size and dimensions of the keg. A full keg of beer weighs about 161 pounds. Kegs range in size from 5 gallons, called a corny keg, all the way up to a full-sized keg. A corny keg, depending on its dimensions, weighs 49 to 58 pounds. A middle-sized keg, known as a pony keg, weighs about 87 pounds.


It is half the size of the standard beer keg and equivalent to a quarter of a barrel. The term pony refers to its smaller size – compare pony glass (quarter-pint) and pony bottle. It will serve roughly 82 twelve-ounce cups. The shape of a pony keg resembles that of a full-sized keg, while being much easier to move manually.


Listing of common beer keg sizes, capacities and number of beers. Listing of common beer keg sizes, capacities and number of beers. Buy Keg Beer Prices Sizes Find a Keg. Beer Keg Sizes. Cornelius Keg. Corny Keg, Soda Keg, Home brew keg ... Weight. 30. lbs empty160. lbs full ...


In short, If the keg is full of beer, a half keg weighs 160 pounds., a pony keg weighs 90 pounds., a 1/4 barrel weighs 87 pounds., and a sixth barrel (corny keg) weighs 55 pounds. It makes me think about how strong I was as a teenager, carrying a full keg of beer a mile into the woods for the classic kegger party back in the day!


This full size keg is the largest that is available to you, and what is commonly used in bars and restaurants across the world. Most home kegerators will fit this size keg, however, the smaller versions are typically more popular amongst craft beer drinkers. Nicknames: Full Size Keg, Barrel of Beer, Full Keg


Weight (Full) 49 lbs: 58 lbs: 87 lbs: 87 lbs: ... As there are literally tens of thousands of breweries and brands of keg draft beer available, it's simply not possible for Micro Matic to maintain a listing of the sizes of keg, or area in which, each brand of draft beer is available. It is very important not to kink the beer hose as it leaves ...


Keg Sizes and Types. It’s a wide world of beer out there, and we’re all just living in it. If you’ve decided to install a kegerator in your space, you may be considering various options. In order to make the most of your decision, you should know about the different keg sizes offered on the market today.


A full keg of beer will weigh around 160 pounds (72 kg) for 15.5 gallons of beer. It is what you often see in bars, taverns and restaurants. The average keg of beer is equivalent to 165 12 oz. cans of beer, which is almost 7 24-can cases.


A full keg of beer weighs around 160 pounds depending on the type of beer. Kegs are typically used at large parties due to their lower cost per drink.


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