Weight chart templates suitable for use with Microsoft Excel are available at Vertex42, according to the organization’s website. Users of Microsoft Works 7.0 and Works Suite 2003 can add weight chart templates to the two... More »

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In addition to the numerous templates and mobile apps available for download, it is also easy to create your own weight loss tracking spreadsheet in Excel by simply creating two columns respectively named "Date" and "Wei... More »

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There are many free, printable weight-loss charts and trackers available online. The Free Printable Medical Forms site offers weight-loss charts, trackers, workout logs, walking logs and exercise journals. These online r... More »

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Weight scales for women, or body-fat scales, are often inaccurate, says BerkeleyWellness.com. Results depend on a number of factors, such as how hydrated the body is, how recently a meal was consumed, or how long ago exe... More »

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A weight chart for men and women above the age of 18 can be found at the NHS Choices website. The chart can be used to check an individual's height and weight ratio. More »

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A normal weight chart is a medical indicator that considers an individual’s size, then displays an ideal weight range for an individual’s height. Normal weight charts vary for men and women. More »

Weight gain is a common side effect of Premarin use. Significant change in body weight often occurs early on in the course of Premarin usage, according to Drugs.com. More »

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