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Ketogenic-Diet-Resource.com provides a chart that identifies the grams of protein found in various foods. The chart lists 34 common protein sources and also includes information on calorie content and net carbohydrates.


Charts showing the amount of sugar in foods are available on Found Health, The Fruit Pages and 360 Blog. These charts show the relative sugar content for specific food groups, such as fruits or energy bars.


A milligrams-to-grams chart is a table that lists the number of milligrams per gram. The chart provides a reference for converting between two units of measure for mass, grams and milligrams.


A body weight chart is a chart that shows healthy weight based on height, according to Rush University Medical Center. The weight chart on Rush University Medical Center's website indicates normal, overweight and obese ranges for heights beginning at 4 foot 10 inches an...


A normal weight chart is a medical indicator that considers an individual’s size, then displays an ideal weight range for an individual’s height. Normal weight charts vary for men and women.


A weight chart for men and women above the age of 18 can be found at the NHS Choices website. The chart can be used to check an individual's height and weight ratio.


A weight and height chart helps to asses a person's body mass index and to gauge body fat, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A body mass index is also known as a BMI.