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The African elephant has two finger-like extensions at the tip of the trunk that allow it to grasp and bring food to its mouth. The Asian elephant has only one, and relies more on wrapping around a food item and squeezing it into its mouth. Asian elephants have more muscle coordination and can perform more complex tasks.


Heaviest elephant weight recorded? The African Elephant is the largest land animal, with males standing 3.2 metres or 10 ft to 4 metres or 13 ft at the shoulder. They weigh around 3,500 kilograms ...


The African Elephant is the largest land animal, with males standing 3.2 metres or 10 ft to 4 metres or 13 ft at the shoulder. They weigh around 3,500 kilograms up to a reported 12,000 kilograms.


Photograph by Nick Brandt. 2. Elephants are the world’s largest land animals now living. The largest elephant ever recorded was shot in Angola in 1956. This male weighed about 24,000 lb (11,000 kg), with a shoulder height of 3.96 meters (13.0 ft), a metre (yard) taller than the average male African elephant.


At birth it is common for an elephant calf to weigh 120 kg (265 lb). An elephant may live as long as 70 years, sometimes longer. The largest elephant ever recorded (the Fenykovi elephant, now in the Smithsonian Institution) was shot in Angola in 1955. The Height of this largest elephant from ground to withers, 13 feet 2 inches.


As the largest of all living land animals in the world today, elephants are one heavy – and hungry – land animal. So how much does an elephant weigh? On average, the African bush elephant tips the scales at around 14,000 pounds (6,350 kg), which is 7 tons. That’s almost the weight of 3 large SUVs!


List of top 10 heaviest animals in the world, Heaviest land animal, largest animals in the world, heaviest underwater species, largest fish ... An African elephant is the heaviest, ... An adult African elephant can weigh to 14000 lbs and up to 4 meters in height. They have large ears and tusks than other species of elephants.


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Background. Satao was an African elephant that lived in Tsavo East National Park, one of the largest wildlife parks in the world with a large population of elephants.He was thought to have been born during the late 1960s and to have been at least 45 years old when he was killed.


Consequently, the African elephant’s tusks typically weigh more than the Asian elephant’s. Fenale Asian elephants generally lack tusks and present tusk like teeth known as tushes. The average tusk of an adult African elephant is 1.5–2.4 m (5–8 ft) long and weighs around 23–45 kg (51–99 lbs).