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Calculate conversion cost by adding together labor and manufacturing costs. Conversion costs include all costs except the direct cost of the raw materials. Labor and manufacturing costs can include anything from salaries to rent to regulatory inspections. Only include c...


To use an online pressure conversion calculator, provide a measurement in the known unit, specify the unit to convert it to, and then press or click a button typically labeled "calculate" or "convert." In general, the process is similar on most modern hand-held calculat...


There are several ways to calculate international money conversions, including calculating it yourself or using special websites. To calculate international money conversions yourself, determine how much money you want to exchange or how much foreign currency you need, ...


An effective scale conversion calculator is available at the Bureau of Economic Geology website, where the calculator converts to both metric and imperial units. Alternatively, a great scale conversion calculator can be found at the Scale Models website.


Online gas conversion calculators are available from Rigzone.com, Natgas.info and the website for Delek energy. Users can make conversion calculations on these calculators for free.


Calculate the weighted average of a data set using the formula w1x1 + w2x2 + … wnxn. It involves multiplying each number by its weight and then summing up their products. You need the data values, or x, and the data value's weights, or w.


A Body Mass Index calculator uses an individual's body weight and height to calculate his body mass, according to How Stuff Works. The Body Mass Index rate is used to determine if a person is underweight, overweight or has a healthy weight. BMI is calculated in inches a...