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A height and weight chart for men is available at WebMD as part of the site's explanation of body mass index, or BMI. By finding the intersection between one's height and weight, it's possible to determine one's BMI, a useful number in evaluating one's risk of developing weight-related illnesses.


The most trustworthy weight charts for both men and women are available online through websites such as WebMD and CDC.gov. Calculating BMI and muscle-to-fat ratios are different ways to determine your level of fitness and health.


A weight chart for men and women above the age of 18 can be found at the NHS Choices website. The chart can be used to check an individual's height and weight ratio.


A body weight chart is a chart that shows healthy weight based on height, according to Rush University Medical Center. The weight chart on Rush University Medical Center's website indicates normal, overweight and obese ranges for heights beginning at 4 foot 10 inches and going up to 6 foot 4 inches.


Baby Center offers an online size and growth timeline chart for children from birth through 8 years of age. The chart is based on the 25th to 75th percentiles for weight and height, so half of all children fall within the suggested ranges on the chart.


Growth charts for children, including those that demonstrate weight-for-age and weight-for-length percentiles, can be downloaded for free on the Abbott Nutrition and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention websites. These charts are accessed using a program such as Adobe Reader.


A normal weight chart is a medical indicator that considers an individual’s size, then displays an ideal weight range for an individual’s height. Normal weight charts vary for men and women.


MDHealth offers an online weight chart that also lists the typical height for both boys and girls. WebMD provides a body mass index calculator to help determine if a child's height and weight is within the normal, healthy range for the child's age.


One place to find a height and weight chart for women is on Rush University Medical Center's official website, Rush.edu. The chart shows weights for heights ranging from 4 foot 10 inches to 6 foot 4 inches, with ranges included for normal, overweight and obese weight levels.


A weight and height chart helps to asses a person's body mass index and to gauge body fat, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A body mass index is also known as a BMI.