A women's target weight chart gives a range of healthy weights for women of different heights and builds. Rush University Medical Center and Nutrition and Fitness Pro offer free target weight charts. More »

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One place to find a height and weight chart for women is on Rush University Medical Center's official website, Rush.edu. The chart shows weights for heights ranging from 4 foot 10 inches to 6 foot 4 inches, with ranges i... More »

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The MNT Knowledge Center at MedicalNewsToday.com features ideal height and weight charts for women. From the MedicalNewsToday.com home page, click on M-O in the alphabet search bar, and follow the Obesity/Weight Loss/Fit... More »

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A medical weight chart, also known as a body mass index (BMI) chart, provides a list of heights and weights that indicate the BMI for each height and weight combination. A BMI number indicates if patients are at a health... More »

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The height and weight charts offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list heights, weights and the percentile of people at or above that measurement for every age, up to 20 years old. People use these c... More »

For people with fast metabolisms who want to gain weight, Healthline suggests lifting weights to increase muscle mass and increasing carbohydrate and fat consumption. For health reasons, keep a basic cardiovascular routi... More »

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To determine a healthy weight range for a given person, use a weight chart that provides an optimal weight range based on gender and height. Alternatively, calculate the person's Body Mass Index, or BMI, to determine how... More »

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