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Doctor answers on Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and More: Dr. Stringer on weight bearing after ankle fracture: Swelling and bruising also are signs. Some stress fractures or chip fractures can take weight but displaced fractures are too painful and unstable to walk on. for topic: Weight Bearing After Ankle Fracture


Fibula bone fracture heals faster than other weight bearing bone such as the tibia. Complication arises from early weight bearing and early motion at the fracture site. Other Articles. Give Your Broken Fibula the Boot. Call STARS at (208) 367-3315 if you have any questions regarding fibula fracture. by Raj Issuree, MPT . References: McKibbin B.


Although this study does support immediate weight-bearing postoperatively for a certain subset of patients with ankle fractures, we feel that a controlled, prospective trial is warranted to look further at the influence of delayed versus immediate weight-bearing after ankle fixation surgery.


This study was designed to analyze whether immediate weight-bearing after stabilization of unstable ankle fractures would result in early loss of fixation. To our knowledge, only one other group has published a series on immediate weight-bearing as tolerated after ankle fixation without a cast.


We have compared early and late weight bearing after operation on fractures of the lat- eral malleolus. Patients and methods A prospective study of ankle fractures was per- formed from March 1984 to March 1985. The study was approved by the ethics committee at Karolinska Institute. Included in this study were 46 patients


Recovery and home care. The general process for healing a fibula fracture is immobilization with a splint or cast for several weeks, after which you might get a walking boot to help you walk.


Every bone fractures have different healing times. Rather it be a high-energy break, low energy break, or what type, or where it's located? The fibula however, is a non-weight bearing bone, which I guess if you’re going to break a bone, the Fibula is certainly much better to break versus the Tibia.


Ankle Fracture Operative Fixation Post-operative Weight-bearing Progression Ryan W. Hess, MD PCC: Tracey Pederson Office: (763) 302-2223 Fax: (763) 302-2401 • A splint is typically applied to the leg after surgery and left in place for 2 weeks • Depending on the specifics of the fracture, at your 2 week post op visit you may be placed


If your fracture is like mine, there is a background pain level with or without weight bearing. When starting weight bearing, it's okay if there is a slight increase in pain while weight bearing and a moderate increase in background pain for a couple of days afterwards.


A study to be presented today found that for patients who underwent open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) for an ankle fracture, weight bearing as tolerated (WBAT) was safe, regardless of the fracture pattern. The study, to be presented by Fernando A. Peña, MD, of the University of Minnesota ...