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The lifespan of the weeping willow tree is approximately 50 years. This is considered short for a tree. A weeping willow that lives until 70 is considered to be very old, and almost no weeping willow lives for 100 years.


A weeping cherry tree can grow 20 to 25 feet high for a standard variety with sizes dropping by half to two-thirds that size for dwarf varieties. Weeping cherry trees are small, imported trees with aromatic, showy flowers.


To grow a weeping cherry tree, choose a location, dig a hole, insert the tree, add mulch, and water the tree. This process takes several weeks and requires a shovel, a yardstick, a hose, mulch and a juvenile weeping cherry tree. It is also helpful to have an assistant.


Dwarf weeping cherry trees are much like the more common and larger cherry trees typically seen in Washington D.C. but are naturally smaller in size and used more for decoration than practicality. The typical bright pink blossoms they grow can be seen every spring, but ...


Caring for a weeping cherry tree is not very difficult, but it does require some attention after it is first planted as well as ongoing maintenance. These gorgeous trees are known for their long branches and pink or white flowers during springtime. They require a sunny ...


A weeping cherry tree is an ornamental tree that flowers in spring with an abundance of pink or white blossoms covering arched branches. There are several varieties of the weeping cherry tree ranging in size from 8 to 40 feet tall, with a spread of up to 25 feet.


The Snow Fountain weeping cherry is a slow-growing ornamental cherry tree. When covered with white flowers in the early spring, the weeping branches have the appearance of a snow fall. It is also known by the names Snofozam and White Fountain.