A Weed Eater lawn mower is a machine for cutting grass that is sold under the Weed Eater brand name. In addition to its line of lawn mowers, Weed Eater also sells other home and garden products, such as trimmers and leaf... More »

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As of 2015, the first step in getting rotary lawn mower replacement parts is finding online dealers that sell these products; this includes Mowers Direct, Sears and Outdoor Distributors. These sites offer listings comple... More »

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Parts for riding lawn mowers are available online from RepairClinic.com, Sears PartsDirect and MTD Parts. RepairClinic.com and MTD Parts additionally allow customers to order via phone. The vendors also sell attachments ... More »

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A Weed Eater two-cycle engine requires a mixture of gas and oil in the ratio of 40:1. To obtain this ratio, one gallon of gasoline should be mixed with 3.2 ounces of engine oil. More »

Any undesirable species of grass growing in a lawn is a weed. Grassy weeds are some of the most difficult types of weeds to control because they have many of the same growing characteristics as the desirable grass. Most ... More »

Roundup 5005610 Weed and Grass Killer Concentrate Plus and Compare-N-Save Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer are two effective weed killers that receive high ratings on Amazon.com. As of 2015, Roundup 5005610 is the best ... More »

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Weed killers that eliminate clover include mecoprop and dicamba, which are used in many weed-and-feed and weed control products. The choice of which weed killer to use depends on the scope of the weed problem. More »

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