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Traditionally, a person's wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger on the left hand. This finger is called the ring finger for this reason.


In the United States, women usually wear their wedding rings on their left hands. This varies by area and culture — for example, in part of Europe, the wedding ring is worn on the right hand.


The custom of wearing wedding rings on the left hand originated in the third century B.C. in Greece. Physicians of that time incorrectly believed that a vein in the third finger of the left hand ran directly into the heart. Therefore, it made compelling sense that this body part should be chosen to


The groom wears the wedding ring on the left hand, just like the bride. Some people think this tradition derived from a Roman belief.


A wedding ring goes on the finger closest to the pinky on the left hand. One legend says that the Romans originated this tradition, as they believed a vein went from the ring finger to the heart.


Popular western wedding ring styles include solitaire, cathedral, trinity, channel-set and swirl rings. Other typical western wedding ring styles include halo and pave rings, as well as rings with side accents.


A number of cool men's wedding bands and rings can be found at trendy jewelry stores, high-end department stores, online retailers, craft fairs or even flea markets. Try browsing the selection at Rings Unique, which showcases unique wedding rings for men, and Glamour magazine also offer suggestions


The website Creative Fan contains pictures of 25 different styles of wedding ring tattoos. The designs include tattoos of a ring, along with Celtic bands and other, more abstract designs.


Shoppers can find a selection of Western-style wedding rings at Cowboy Jewelers and at Fanning Jewelry. Both retailers specialize in rings and other jewelry featuring Western elements such as turquoise and detailed silverwork. They also offer designs that include horseshoes, barbed wire and stars.


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